Anxiety & Depression for 8 Years

Well what can I say Dawn is a true angel, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety 8 years ago and to be honest tried everything councillors ,tablets the lot, I had given up and just went from day to day on the treadmill of life managing it as best I could, I never socialised all I wanted to know was what happiness felt like.

A friend told me about Dawn, I did it not really expecting it to make any difference, well how wrong was I!! I feel like ive been reborn, I wake up every morning so happy I could never have imagined feeling like this even in lockdown and living alone im loving life.

Im starting to love myself which I have not done for so many years I have my over eating under control and the weight is just falling off, I was literally a prisoner in my own home now im out when I can chatting to everyone, I see cant wait to fit into my best clothes that ive not worn for years and believe me I will be out every chance I get.

From some one who was at the bottom, I would tell anyone there is no longer a reason not to be your very best and love life!!! Do it you wont regret it.

Thank you Dawn wish I could bottle the way you have made me feel and give some to everyone what a happy world it would be xx

JL – June 2020