When a friend recommended RTT to me I was skeptical to say the least but having been off work for months suffering with depression and anxiety, I was willing to give anything a go, if it meant getting back to some sort of normality.

Over a period of time, I ‘d seemingly lost who I previously thought I was and believe I was at the lowest I’d ever been in my life. Who’d have thought, that your beliefs are formed from the age of 7 in the subconscious mind? Not me……well I had heard something about it but didn’t understand the impact and influences it had on the logic adult mind.

On completion of the therapy, I feel like a new woman. I now feel optimistic about my future and have this overwhelming sense of self confidence and high self esteem.

Dawn really was my saving grace. She is incredibly supportive and her “can do” approach is so uplifting and inspiring. She willingly devotes her time and energy into making you be the best version of yourself and I am eternally grateful to her for this

TF – October 2020