I had an amazing session with Dawn and 21 days later I can confirm she was absolutely right, she has achieved and exceeded what she said she could do for me. From our initial chat, I trusted and felt comfortable with Dawn.

During our online (due to coronavirus lockdown) session I was relaxed and felt aware throughout. I am still astounded at the memories that came to mind and Dawn explained how these events, of which I had no conscious recollection, affected my adult self. Having this explanation was an immediate release for me. 

I diligently listened to the recording Dawn sent every day for 21 days and have been in situations which proved that RTT with Dawn works.

My recommendation is that you go into this without cynicism, trust in Dawn and follow the process of listening to the recording for 21 days. With regard to the cost, you get as much support as you need throughout the process – prescription costs for anti-depressants are over £100 a year – self medication such as alcohol/food you can work out – put this in context with a session and you will find it more than worthwhile.

Dawn, you are wonderful and I thank you wholeheartedly x

TB – June 2020