As someone who has tried many therapies to help with my anxiety and depression, I was definitely sceptical about the session and what it would achieve. Well, I can honestly say, I cannot believe the impact this one session has had on my life.

Dawn was able to take me back to moments I had buried deep deep down, that until now I didn’t think were significant in how I feel as an adult.

She enabled me to understand the negative beliefs that I had built in my mind over time as a child and carried into adult life. After the session I felt free, lighter and cleansed. I worried this feeling would fade as the days went on but it hasn’t, it’s only got better and better.

Dawn has completely changed my life. Where others have tried and failed she has so effortlessly succeeded. This women is amazing I recommend anyone to go and spend time with her, you will not regret it. I’m forever thankful to her for freeing me.

RS – February 2020