Dawn has been a life saver, angel sent from heaven.  She is one in 100% who has saved my life. I have been on anti depression pills on off for the past 15 years. Feeling not worthy, hating myself and wishing to die.

Meeting her and listening to her recording everyday has saved my life. In the first time ever in my life of 41 years old. I can breathe, feel loved and feel very worthy in my life. She has completed me.

Where I can say I love myself and worthy being alive and not wishing to be dead. I will never ever forget this in my life.

Honestly if any of you are feeling worthless or thinking of you don’t belong in this world. I highly recommend Dawn.Honestly she will change your life. She had changed my life.

Where I can smile, I love myself and I know I’m worth. She is a angel sent from heaven to me. I will remember her kind words, her kindness as a fabulous human being.I wake up smiling and loving myself. Instead of being down in the dumps. Xxx