From the first moment with Dawn you know you are in good hands. Pragmatic, thorough and caring, Dawn had provided safe space for me while I explored and got rid of a major issue that was way overdue with resolving.

My session with Dawn focused on my impostor syndrome, which used to hinder me a lot throughout my career and especially in my current job. Too often I used to feel quite fearful that my work was not good enough and I used to second guess myself a lot. I never exposed myself more than necessary, thus missing opportunities to progress much faster professionally. I questioned my results and knowledge no matter how thorough they were, always thinking there was more to be done or learnt.

Within a week of my session, I started feeling a lot more at ease throughout my work day and I’ve gone from strength to strength since then. I now approach my tasks with a lot more ease and confidence, I am not afraid to ask for help and I noticed significant shift in how assertive I am when I need to voice my ideas or concerns. Thanks to Dawn I have reclaimed my peace of mind and I love the healthier and more confident version of myself.

OM – June 2020