When we feel “not good enough” deep inside, it’s because we have hidden core beliefs lurking in our subconscious controlling our feelings. These deep rooted beliefs determine who we are, whether we feel good enough, worthy and how we live our lives.

How we feel about ourselves, determines how others feel about us. When we feel worthy and enough, that is the vibe we emit and the people in our lives, from our partners to our children to our work colleagues also know our worth and enough-ness and treat us accordingly. The vibe we emit is always based on how we feel about ourselves and that determines everything.

For example, we don’t have self love, we may feel insecure in our relationships / fear abandonment and this will affect our behaviour in our relationships. When we radiate self love, the dynamic in our relationships shift completely.

If you don’t feel good enough now, the great news is that you weren’t born feeling that way, you have simply formed some beliefs about yourself that are not true!

Science tells us that 95% of our brain activity comes from our subconscious (our hidden core beliefs). We then use our remaining 5% to try and talk ourselves out of what we can’t even see, let alone, understand!

This is completely different as we work on the 95%. We don’t spend weeks talking about your feelings and finding ways to cope. This is like giving your inner voice a microphone and when you hear what it has to say, it changes everything….

Beneath every behaviour is a feeling. Beneath every feeling is a need. And when we meet the need rather than focus on the behaviour, we deal with the cause, not the symptom…

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