After my first phone call with dawn I felt better!!  She gave me a recording to listen to until my session with her and the next day i felt happier!  Just after having a chat with her. I’d been suffering with a lot of stress, confidence and anxiety and at one point I felt I was in a big hole and couldn’t see me getting out of it!! 

I had my session – I wasn’t sure what to expect or  if it would work on me as I’ve never done it before. After my session I felt good but a bit exhausted and as the days followed I had really happy days.

Some days I’m that happy i have to warn my family, friends and  colleagues and they just laugh at me, everyone around me has seen a massive difference in me as well as myself.

I feel happier than ever, I feel I can be me, and with that means my  relationships with people, my confidence at work, the fun I have everyday just living normal life.

Dawn has been amazing, I’ve had lots of troubles ongoing while going through my 21 days and she has been there to explain things to help understand things better, so even with that going on she has put me at ease and happy and shes a really friendly person and with just one call to her you will see that.

 Thank you Dawn so much, you already know as I’ve told you a lot, but this has been life changing for me. You helped me change my life when I thought i really couldn’t!! And you are someone I will never forget who helped me see how to start painting my own canvas from now, its an amazing feeling.

Thank you xxx

JW – August 2020